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Today’s Bid/Ask Price 1.27305/1.27373

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Name/Symbol Minimum Spreads Min/Max Trade Size Margin Required Long Swap Value** Short Swap Value** Limit & Stop Levels

* Swap rates are calculated according to the stock currency’s relevant interbank rate. In the table above the swap values are indicative of the annual percentage. Long positions are charged with the relevant interbank rate plus a mark-up, and short positions receive the rate minus a mark-up. The operation is conducted at 00:00 GMT+2 time zone (note that DST may apply), and can take several minutes. From Wednesday to Thursday swap is charged for three days.

** Min. level for placing pending orders at a current market price.

Every third Friday of the month, the trading hours of Greek stocks will have a break between 13:44 and 14:01 GMT+2 time zone (note that DST may apply).

CFD stocks are not physical shares and are not subject to any voting rights.

When a corporate action occurs, a price adjustment may be applied to eliminate the impact on clients’ trading accounts.

Margin requirements may be subject to change before earnings announcements and/or any corporate action.

The average spreads shown here are calculated throughout the day. Spreads to be narrower under normal market conditions, but they may widen following important news announcements, during political uncertainty, unexpected events leading to volatile market conditions, or at the close of the business day and on weekends when liquidity is lower. When you trade with us, FxBulls is your counter-party. Your trades are matched and any next exposure above predefined thresholds is hedged with our partner banks (our liquidity providers) at the current market spreads. However, during volatile and illiquid market conditions our liquidity providers quote spreads larger than normal. At such times, FxBulls is forced to pass on some of the spread increases to its clients.

The margin is always 50% when you hedge positions on CFDs and if your margin level is over 100%.

The margin requirement for CFDs is calculated like this : Lots * Contract Size * Opening Price * Margin Percentage and not based on the leverage of your trading account.

Calendar dates are indicative and are subject to change.

Advantage of Cryptocurrencies Trading with FXBulls

The main benefits for traders to note
Cost effective and direct access to the markets
Instant access to the global economies
Speculation on market uptrends/ downtrends
Going short/long according to market moves
Suits both short and long-term trading strategies
No extra fees apply

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How to Trade Cryptocurrencies?

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Investing and trading in Cryptocurrencies

The growing popularity of digital money has meant a large worldwide market has opened up to trade these digital assets. As with other markets, you can trade the price movements and benefit from the fluctuations.

A digital currency that's used solely electronically. Just like there's a market for Gold, there's also a market for crypto assets, as people around the world buy and sell it.

The same as you would when trading other markets, by speculating in buying or selling. The difference in price movements creates is calculated - the bigger the difference, the bigger the profit/loss.