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오늘의 입찰 / 요청 가격 1.27305/1.27373

1D change 0.38%

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오늘의 입찰 / 요청 가격 1.27305/1.27373

1D change 0.38%

Name/Symbol Minimum Spreads Min/Max Trade Size Margin Required Long Swap Value** Short Swap Value** Limit & Stop Levels
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* Swap rates are calculated according to the stock currency’s relevant interbank rate. In the table above the swap values are indicative of the annual percentage. Long positions are charged with the relevant interbank rate plus a mark-up, and short positions receive the rate minus a mark-up. The operation is conducted at 00:00 GMT+2 time zone (note that DST may apply), and can take several minutes. From Wednesday to Thursday swap is charged for three days.

** Min. level for placing pending orders at a current market price.

Margin requirements may be subject to change before earnings announcements and/or any corporate action.

The margin requirement for CFDs is calculated like this : Lots * Contract Size * Opening Price * Margin Percentage and not based on the leverage of your trading account.

Calendar dates are indicative and are subject to change.

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글로벌 주식 시장에 대한 비용 효과적이고 직접적인 접근
전 세계 경제에 대한 즉각적인 액세스
시장 상승/하락 추정에 대한 추정
시장 동향에 따라 단기/장기화
단기 및 장기 거래 전략 모두 적합
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초심자 수업부터 자신을 염두에 두고 설계된 고급 거래 전략에 이르기까지 이해하기 쉽고 포괄적인 비디오 튜토리얼 컬렉션을 통해 거래의 기본 사항에 대해 알아보십시오.

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